About the Blog

Songbird Acoustic Blog is about all things music. Mainly acoustic, but not all the time.
Music has always been my passion and before setting up this blog, I found myself writing a lot on my laptop with nowhere to post it… So hey presto, I started this blog!

People ask me, “why acoustic music?”… And my answer is always the fact that acoustic music has always fascinated me. I love the fact that it is simply a guitar and a voice and that’s all they need to take my breath away and make my heart race. That to me is pure raw talent. That to me is music. “3 chords and the truth can change the world”.

Primarily, this blog will focus on music reviews and stuff that I find to be great. I used to also find myself trolling through YouTube finding extremely talented unsigned musicians and now this blog will document these musicians.

From time to time it will also feature some ‘music news’ about a latest album release date, an artist dropping a new song and so on…

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my occasional scribbles. Please feel free to leave comments or contact me. I also have a twitter account where you can follow me to see my tweet away about all things music.


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