EP Review: Nina Nesbitt – Modern Love

The fellow Scottish musician is back with her new EP and we are all pleasantly surprised at her sound transformation. After a much-too-long 2 year break, Nina is back with her single ‘Chewing Gum’ written about, can I say, Modern Love? Since LP Peroxide, Nesbitt has reinvented her sound: “It’s a big departure from the 17-year-old girl with an acoustic guitar but it feels like the most honest music I’ve written,” the Scottish pop star admits.

Chewing Gum’s sound is dabbling in synth-pop rather than her renowned acoustic sound.

“[It’s] an empowering track that I wrote about the transient types of relationships people have when they’re trying to figure out what they want and they’re not ready to fully commit,”

Nina reveals.

The message Nina tries to represent comes across throughout her lyrics clearly; “You can have my heart, but you’re not gonna leave with it,” she roars, before going in for the kill on the catchy chorus: “baby, I’m just chewing gun until the flavor’s gone.”
As much as I am a sucker for acoustic music, I genuinely think this song is powerful. A great representation of “Modern Love” and very well executed. Not to mention, Nina’s husky vocals are still very much ‘on fleek‘ (did I really just say that?).
Take You To Heaven allows the EP to slow down and hit us with raw emotion and showcases how Nina can portray such emotion through her sublime vocals.
The next 2 tracks are the Niightwatch Demo’s (Nina’s home studio). Masquerade is absolutely stunning. Slow, moody, haunting and brilliantly written with a deep message, poetically and creatively discussing lovers hiding their true selves.

“Did we fall in love in the middle of a Masquerade?”

Chewing Gum (Niightwatch Demo) is driven by an acoustic guitar. Nesbitt doesn’t for one minute hide her raspy and husky vocals soaring over the guitar and synth. I absolutely love this version. It brings the ambiguity out in her lyrics.
Overall, I love this EP. Does it stand up against her previous material? Absolutely. Part of me believes that Chewing Gum may be her most powerful song yet.
Get it here: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/modern-love-ep/id1058846323
Watch the video for ‘Chewing Gum’ here:

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