Becky Lawrence – A Child’s Tears

Becky Lawrence is a fellow music blogger, but not just that – she is someone that I have grown close to due to our music bond. Now, I know what you’re thinking but I 100% disclose right now that this review will be completely unbiased and honest to how I feel. 

Becky is currently singing with The Bourbons UK in Bath, but she is also working on her own music which she has publicly released on her band page. Her background is in musical theatre and man does she have a set of pipes! What I love about Becky is her extensive music collection; to which she has been listening to from a young age and brought up on – obviously she has pretty cool parents too!

So with a music collection of AC/DC, Alice Cooper, The Carpenters and many many more, her vocal influences change depending on the situation and genre. However, her main love is Country music and I must admit; she suits it.

Upon first listen of her new single EP A Child’s Tears, the first single being the title track, we hear the opening sequence from the electric guitar in true country form, where it hooks you from the start.  Then, Rebecca’s vocals kick in and it just gets better. The drum beats, guitar riffs and even an acoustic Spanish guitar thrown in keeps your foot tapping the whole way through. A great start!

Slowing things down a little, we hear Only Me. I love this song, everything about it is stunning. I love the mellow guitars at the start easing you in, then Rebecca’s vocals here express true musical theatre ranges and show her natural talent. The lyricism in this song is also wonderful, ‘you can change my hair and change my clothes, but you cannot change what’s in my soul’, sings Rebecca. I think this might be my favourite track upon the EP.

Upon first listen to Watching Over You I immediately likened it to Joni Mitchell (one of my favourite artists) and also Kate Bush (a comparison which I’m sure she will love!). The Joni comparison came from the vocal techniques, but when it gets to the choruses then bam! there’s Kate Bush. Listening to the track, you can hear the multitude of influences ringing in your ears but nonetheless, it still sounds pure and raw. This track is an emotional and beautiful track with a mixture of musical influences that are apparent throughout.

Taking each track into account, I think this might just be the very beginning for Rebecca and I am looking forward to hearing more.

Listen to Becky here:

Follow her here:

Read her blog here:


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