Album Review: The Lumineers – Cleopatra

It’s been a difficult 4 years, but fans of The Lumineers can rejoice as the Denver natives have released their new album Cleopatra. The highly anticipated sophomore release is the home of 11 beautiful tracks, each one full to the brim with delicate sounds with haunting narratives and poetic lyrics that The Lumineers are famous for.

For a while, you couldn’t escape the song that gave the band overnight recognition; Ho Hey. The uplifting hoots and hand claps seemed to feature on every TV advert and movie trailers with the lyrics ‘I belong with you, you belong with me, you’re my sweetheart’ seemed to be on every quote board going. The song reached no. 3 of the Billboard Hot 100 in late 2012 – and it looked like the folk-pop trio were well on their way to stardom. When a song brings a band this much attention, it’s a natural concern that their second-release won’t stand up to the plate.

Title track Cleopatra is a touching ride of a song and gives the listener a perfect preview of the taste of the whole LP. The beat starts slow, building into an infectious chorus; telling a very intriguing tale.

Ophelia is another one of the catchier songs upon the album, singing:

“Ophelia, you’ve been on my mind girl since the flood.” /
“Ophelia, heaven help a food who falls in love.”

Stripping it back, we have Gun SongAngela and Sick in the Head. I have positioned these together due to the fact that they are all similar in nature; apart from the title track Cleopatra, these songs are the best on the album for me. Each one holds an emotional story told through poetic lyricism once again, stunning emotive melody and vocals that hold delicacy and vulnerability within them.
Simplistic combination of melody and beat accompanying the vocals; something that the Lumineers do very well. The haunting vocals are more than enough to keep the listener involved; no need for complex rhythms and layered instruments. The lyrical poetry more than makes up for the lack of catchy beats throughout these songs.
The entire album is a stunning, emotional journey from the bold opener Sleep On The Floor to their subtle piano melody closer Patience, each track captures the beauty of the band and the excellence in lyricism. The Lumineers do not disappoint with this album, making it a very noteworthy second release from the band; Cleopatra is proof that they have definitely not lost their touch.

Listen to Ophelia here:

EP Review: Nina Nesbitt – Modern Love

The fellow Scottish musician is back with her new EP and we are all pleasantly surprised at her sound transformation. After a much-too-long 2 year break, Nina is back with her single ‘Chewing Gum’ written about, can I say, Modern Love? Since LP Peroxide, Nesbitt has reinvented her sound: “It’s a big departure from the 17-year-old girl with an acoustic guitar but it feels like the most honest music I’ve written,” the Scottish pop star admits.

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One to watch: Scott Quinn

Scott Quinn is a 23 year old singer/songwriter and producer from Harrogate, North Yorkshire. Scott has spent the last year producing and co-writing for other artists while dipping in and out of meetings with major labels and publishers. During this busy time, he has somehow managed to find the time to produce some cracking tracks of his own.  Continue reading

Album Review: Oh Wonder

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WATCH: The Weeknd’s New Video – I Can’t Feel My Face

The Weeknd has figuratively caught fire in the charts this year, with I Can’t Feel My Face jumping in at Number 2 and two other top ten singles with The Hills and Earned It (Fifty Shades of Grey). The official video for I Can’t Feel My Face has arrived but is exclusive to those who have Apple Music.

Abel Tesfaye just can’t catch a break in this video; at first he gets yawns, drinks thrown at him and people plainly just ignoring him whilst he is on stage performing his new single. Until suddenly, an open lighter is thrown his way – and thanks to that drink he got thrown at him, he is sent up in flames and ignites his performance.

As soon as I first heard this song, I knew it was heavily influenced by the king of pop himself Mr Michael Jackson and this video solidifies this notion. The on-fire dancing is a huge crowd pleaser  and things go from bad to great; with the whole crowd dancing along to The Weeknd strutting his stuff on stage.

The single comes from The Weeknd’s highly anticipated album Beauty Behind The Madness which is set for release on August 28th.

WATCH HERE: Can’t Feel My Face